Tennessee Titans fan Chad Davis got to see his favorite team secure the AFC South divisional title on Sunday, but it was still a stressful day for him. He lost his wedding ring at the game and took to Twitter to express how worried he was that he would never see it again.

The band on the ring, which appropriately has the Titans logo on it, was lost somewhere at Nissan Stadium during the Titans 34-3 win over the Miami Dolphins. Davis, a season ticket holder, tweeted his section number out, hoping someone would stumble upon it.

"I lost my wedding band somewhere at the game today," he wrote, tagging the Titans' official Twitter account in the message. "From the day we got married. Sick to my stomach. Was sitting in section 202. Please share incase someone found it. I would pay to recover it."

Employees of the team saw the tweet and reached out to him, writing back that they were searching the stadium high and low in hopes of locating the band. 

The search committee was successful, and Titans owner Burke Nihill let Davis know that the ring was in safe hands.

"All good, Chad. Someone will be in touch about how to get it back to you," Nihill tweeted.

Titans senior director of stadium events Ashley Stokely then emailed Davis, letting him know how he can get his ring back.

Davis' wife Jess customized the ring with the Titans logo on it to represent his fandom. She usually goes to the games with him, but opted out due to the weather. She is the reason Davis has season tickets, as she bought them for him for a Valentine's Day gift two years ago.