From 2011 through 2015, only two teams had a better record than the Seattle Seahawks, who won 46 of their 64 regular season games. Over the same period of time, only six teams had a worse record than the St. Louis (now Los Angeles) Rams, who won just 27 of their 64 regular season games. And yet somehow, during that time frame, the Seahawks and Rams equally split the eight games played against each other.

So Seattle went 4-4 against the Rams and 42-14 against everyone else, while the Rams were 4-4 against the Seahawks and 23-32-1 against all other teams. It makes almost no sense.

If Week 1 was any indication, we could all expect the Rams' streak of being competitive against the Seahawks to come to an end this Sunday. No, Seattle didn't exactly dominate the Dolphins last weekend, but the Rams came out and got embarrassed by the 49ers, 28-0, on Monday night. It wasn't pretty.

Todd Gurley, though, has other ideas. He's guaranteeing a victory against Seattle in Week 2.

"We're going to get a win this week, for sure," the star running back said, per a transcription of the team's post-practice availability at Turf Show Times.

That's a mighty confident stance coming from a player who will be standing seven yards behind Case Keenum for most of the day, but what do you expect? Gurley's not going to come out and say his team will probably lose.