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One of the most anticipated regular season games in NFL history will be going down on Sunday night when Tom Brady returns to Foxborough to face the Patriots and if one thing is clear, the Buccaneers quarterback is definitely pumped to be facing his old team. 

Over the past 24 hours, Brady has released not just one, but TWO hype videos to celebrate his long-awaited return to Gillette Stadium. The first video came on Saturday night and showed a video game version of Brady walking through the stages of his career. From his infamous pre-draft workout photo to his six Super Bowl wins with the Patriots to his free agency deal with the Buccaneers, Brady made sure to include everything in this video. 

Fans seem to be just as excited about Brady's return to New England as he is and we know that because as of Sunday at noon, that video had nearly 40,000 retweets and just over four million views on Twitter (It also has another three million views on Instagram). 

Brady's second hype video came on Sunday morning and it definitely had a more sentimental tone to it.

The video opens with multiple highlights from Brady's career while a speech from "Friday Night Lights" plays. After that, the video kicks into high gear with a very fitting song from Kanye West called "Homecoming."

Brady's return to New England could end up being a historical night for the quarterback. Not only is he playing at Gillette Stadium as a visitor for the first time in his career, but he also could set one of the NFL's most prestigious passing records. 

With just 68 yards against the Patriots, Brady will break Drew Brees' record for most career passing yards. According to reports, the Patriots plan to acknowledge the record when Brady breaks it, which is the least they could do for a quarterback who helped them win six Super Bowls over his 20 years with them.