The Chiefs-Raiders rivalry is heating up again. You've got Andy Reid and Jack Del Rio glaring at each other, there are fistfights breaking out in the stands at Arrowhead Stadium and a punter and tight end are engaging in a trash-talking and celebration battle.

Raiders punter Marquette King has earned a name for himself as one of the funniest celebration guys (and certainly punters) out there. But Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce tossed the celebration in his face following a Tyreek Hill touchdown on a punt return by busting out the pony-riding celebration King used a few weeks before.

This is, rather obviously, designed to be visual trash talk. Following the game, Kelce, speaking with the NFL Network crew, revealed that King fired back at him, telling him his dance moves stink.

"After Tyreek scored? I didn't know that was on camera," Kelce joked. "I will say this, I will say this. I saw seven, their punter, he does the kind of antics. He told me I don't have any rhythm.

"I told him, 'Trust me, just wait until I get in the end zone again, I'll show you some rhythm.'"

Now of course the rivalry didn't just stop there, because Marquette King doesn't let things stop with the field. He takes things to Twitter.

And when he took to Twitter he said he told Kelce that he doesn't "need a reality show to find a girl."


No telling if King actually said that in the heat of the moment -- and Kelce does have a reality dating show called "Catching Kelce" -- or if he thought of it after (sort of his own "the jerk store called" moment maybe?) but that's a pretty solid burn.

Unfortunately for King, Kelce got the last laugh because, you know, his team won.