The Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns delivered us the game of the year in the NFL on Monday night, as Lamar Jackson willed the Ravens to a 47-42 victory. This game had everything: a total of nine rushing touchdowns, the most rushing yards by a quarterback in "Monday Night Football" history, turnovers, missed field goals, game-winning field goals and even cramps. It was a remarkable game from beginning to end, but the very last play will unfortunately be one that will keep some people up all night.

According to William Hill Sportsbook, this Week 14 prime-time divisional matchup closed at Ravens -3. After Justin Tucker's game-winning 55-yard field goal, Browns backers had to be upset, but would at least register a "push" since the deficit was then three points. However, since there were two seconds left on the clock, the Browns were allowed to run a final play. With possession on their own 25-yard line, Baker Mayfield and Co. did not opt for the Hail Mary, but instead tried to run a few laterals to see if they could find some open space. What happened next was tragic or miraculous depending on who you were financially backing. Check out how the game ended, here: 

That's right, the Ravens scored two points on the final play of the game, which brought the winning margin up to five total points. That meant that Baltimore indeed covered the spread, and Cleveland backers no longer had the luxury of a push. There was a definitive winner and definitive loser in this gambling matchup. It was a meaningless play in the grand scheme of the football game, but it was one of either unspeakable joy or ultimate despair for bettors.