A week after going away from the best running back on his roster, Bears coach John Fox reversed course Monday night and decided to feed rookie rusher Jordan Howard against the fierce Vikings defense.

It paid huge dividends in a game the Bears lead 20-3 in the third quarter on Monday night, as Howard beat up on one of the best defenses in football en route to an impressive evening.

Howard ripped off a 69-yard run early in the game, setting the stage for a potentially massive evening.

69 yards is a nice number of yards and it's also going to give you a huge evening even if you don't do much else for the rest of the night.

Howard didn't slow down too much, though, finishing the half with 145 yards total on 14 touches -- three of them passes -- including a nice run on a shovel pass from Jay Cutler.

And Howard would finish off a drive with a 2-yard touchdown run.

As of this writing, Howard has 156 yards -- and is outpacing the entire Vikings offense.