The 2014 NFL Draft first round hasn't worked out well for the quarterbacks. Blake Bortles is a big question mark, Johnny Manziel is out of football and it appears Teddy Bridgewater is not a guarantee to remain with the Minnesota Vikings

According to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Vikings do not plan to pick up Bridgewater's fifth-year option by the time the May 3 deadline rolls around.

This probably isn't a huge surprise, because of the way that the fifth-year options work. 

Following the third year of a first-round pick's career, the team that either drafted him or traded for him (being released negates the option) has until early May to pick up the option for that player's fifth year. That option is a one-year, guaranteed contract that is worth an average of top salaries depending on the draft slot.

But here's the key: The contract is guaranteed for injury only. 

Bridgewater suffered a horrific knee injury during training camp last year, prompting Minnesota to trade a first-round pick (No. 14 overall) to the Eagles for Sam Bradford. There is legitimate concern Bridgewater might never play again; he didn't even make it back to the sideline of a Vikings game until December.

Put into a practical fashion, if the Vikings were to pick up the option on Bridgewater and he was unable to pass a physical ahead of his fifth year, they might be forced to pay him the contract amount, which would likely be north of $12 million.

Indeed, a source told Schefter that "the injury guarantee makes it tough to do."

This isn't to say that Bridgewater isn't part of the Vikings' plans. GM Rick Spielman recently said that he thinks Bridgewater is having an "incredible" recovery, but he remains an unknown for the future.

That's the thing: The Vikings just can't know if Bridgewater will be able to play in 2017. They have Bradford, who will be the presumptive starter for this season, with Bridgwater potentially as the backup. But you can't possibly think about guaranteeing someone's option for 2018 at a high dollar amount when you don't know if he will be able to play in 2017.