If the people who run the Grammys decide to hand out an award this year for "Best Music Video Ever," I would like to go ahead and nominate Train's newest video "Drink Up," and that's mostly because it stars Marshawn Lynch

Apparently, being an NFL running back is just a side job for Beast Mode, because his future is definitely in music videos. 

This video opens with George Lopez, Jim Breuer, Ken Jeong and Train lead singer Patrick Monahan sitting on a couch looking at Instagram when they realize that Marshawn is about to get married. This makes them very sad because they didn't get invited to the wedding. 

Instead of being sad on their couch though, the four celebrities decide they're going to crash Beast Mode's wedding, and let's just say that Beast Mode is not happy to see them. 

Beast Mode is not happy that his wedding got crashed.  Train

Based on the video, I'm guessing that Breuer and Jeong didn't get invited to the wedding because they're horrible dancers. Beast Mode clearly finds their dancing offensive. 

Marshawn Lynch clearly wants Ken Jeong and Jim Breuer to leave his wedding.  Train

As for Train lead singer Patrick Monahan, apparently, he wasn't invited to the wedding because it's his fault that the Seahawks decided to throw the ball -- instead of running it -- on their final offensive play of Super Bowl XLIX. 

Seahawks fans should blame the team's Super Bowl XLIX loss on Train lead singer Patrick Monahan.  Train

In case you can't tell, that's a text from Monahan to the "coach." 

On a personal note, it turns out that Marshawn and I have similar taste in wedding decorations because who could possibly get married and not have red cups that have each guest's name on them. 

Beast Mode is having a red cup wedding.  Train

If you're planning a wedding, remember: red cups. 

Sure, your fiance will probably hate it and also probably stop letting you make any wedding-related decisions, but if you get the red cups, it will be worth it. 

Anyway, let's get to the video. 

The only way that video could have been any better is if the bride would've been wearing a Skittles-colored wedding dress. 

If you're dying for more, and who's not, here's some behind the scenes footage from the making of the video.