LeSean McCoy has rushed for over 10,000 yards in his NFL career -- including a 20-total-touchdown season for the Philadelphia Eagles -- and just three years ago found the end zone 14 times for the Buffalo Bills

At age 31, though, how much is left in McCoy's tank? Should the Bills, who have a roster bursting with running backs, consider letting him go? Would Buffalo actually be better off keeping 36-year-old (!) Frank Gore, who's on a much cheaper contract, along with a couple younger backs?

McCoy's base salary is $6.175M with a $9M salary cap hit. When Pick Six Podcast host Will Brinson pointed out that the Bills would save more than $6.4M in salary cap space if they dropped McCoy, Ryan Wilson responded: "Well, he's done."

"Shady was the second-worst running back in the NFL last year," Wilson said on Monday's edition of the podcast. "If you look at his DVOA from 2018, he's literally next to last in terms of value per play among all running backs. There's no reason to keep Shady around. He's not the player he once was. He's 31 and you don't keep four running backs."

The under-30 portion of the Bills' RB roster includes rookie Devin Singletary and 25-year-old T.J. Yeldon, among others. McCoy played in 14 games last season and rushed for 514 yards and three TDs, averaging just 3.2 yards per carry. Some of that can be put on the Bills' offensive line, which should be improved.

"The Bills' RB position is fascinating," Brinson said. "Do you think those four guys are complementary enough to work together, or do you see Yeldon, Gore, maybe even Shady get cut? Gore is pretty cheap ($1.25M base salary, $2M cap hit), Singletary's on a rookie contract, cheap, and Yeldon's on a two-year, $3.2M deal.

"If Shady looks like he's old and as slow as he was last year, you could cut him, and then go with Gore/Yeldon/Singletary. That's not necessarily a feature-back situation."

Bills GM Brandon Beane recently said McCoy is still very much a part of this team, so we'll soon see how it all plays out. Whatever the Bills do, there's optimism about their 2019 prospects. Buffalo's O/U is at 7 and climbing, and Wilson said he'd take the over, offering a few ideas about how the backfield might work without McCoy.

"Singletary's electric, undersized, but would be a lot of fun playing behind Josh Allen," Wilson said of the former FAU star who the Bills drafted in the third round. "Gore's a reliable workhorse-type back, and T.J. Yeldon can do little bit of both."

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