The roller coaster ride that is Manchester United under Jose Mourinho hasn't stopped just yet. Just this season, there was a shocking home loss to Tottenham in August and on Tuesday we saw the Red Devils crash out of the League Cup after losing to Derby County in penalty kicks. This recent defeat came without Paul Pogba, who missed the match and was recently stripped of the team's vice-captaincy.

And if you guessed training went smoothly the day after a disastrous loss to Derby County, you are wrong. Pogba and Mourinho appeared to have a frosty exchange caught on camera by Sky Sports. The footage shows Pogba arriving at practice and greeting the training staff, including Michael Carrick. Mourinho appeared to say something to him that he didn't like, which left the World Cup-winning midfielder visibly frustrated. Take a look:

What in the world could he have said? 

  • "You are late."
  • "Thanks for nothing yesterday."
  • "Nice hair."

Who knows? This comes after Mourinho said he doesn't have a problem with the player. But according to ESPNFC, United's senior players are "angry and frustrated" with Pogba being stripped of the captaincy, and the French player reportedly also being vocal about wanting a more attacking style of play at the club.

Now, this type of locker-room drama doesn't bode well for the team dynamic. We all know Mourinho is one who can easily clash with others as he has a strong ego and desire to do thing his way, but you have to wonder how things will play out if the results and uncomfortable confrontations continue. 

The truth is, United hasn't looked sharp or consistent in consecutive matches all season long. Winning more often would certainly help improve the morale, but the Red Devils have yet to prove they can do just that. And if the locker room is lost on top of the losing this team has experienced on the field, then it wouldn't be a surprise to see United finish the season with a different manager. 

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