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The Bottom 25 might finally be finding its level. While there's still volatility thanks to large gaps in sample sizes between different teams, we are approaching the point where The Bottom 25's gravity is getting stronger. It's harder to get away from than before.

We've typically seen five or more teams leave as new ones come in to replace them so far this season. This week we have only three new teams, and one of those teams played its first game.

Of course, we still have one FBS team in Utah that hasn't played yet. If the Utes play their opener (which, sadly, is not a guarantee these days) and lose, they'll be in here just like Cal, and every other 0-1 team has been. Other than that, I think we know who our candidates are for The Bottom 25 Playoff. Having said that, there are far more viable candidates at this time of year than in a typical season. We've never had so many winless and one-win teams this late in a year because nonconference scheduling has a way of making it easier to find wins for a lot of teams. Those wins don't exist, so nearly everybody in our rankings has a legitimate shot to finish in The Bottom Four at this point of the season. The only teams I'd say are eliminated are the ones who have reached two victories.

No Longer Ranked: Western Kentucky (21), Ball State (18), Nebraska (10)