Football is over, Boston has another championship to celebrate, and baseball season is officially on deck. While we're still waiting for MLB game action, we're also waiting for the two top free agents to land with a team. At the moment 13 of our top 50 free agents remain unsigned, including Bryce Harper and Manny Machado.

After a 13-3 Patriots victory over Rams in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Harper posted a cryptic message on Twitter. Harper tweeted out the word "Loading..." -- and the simple message sent baseball fans into a frenzy.

Now, the tweet could mean any number of things (it could also be entirely meaningless) but either way, we're going to read way too much into Harper's tweet and attempt to break down the possible reasons for his post:

1. This could be an actual hint that he's close to signing

Maybe Harper's trying to tell us that he's close to finally announcing his decision. We haven't had a ton of 'Harper is close to signing' rumors burning on the hot stove recently, but the tweet might be Harper telling us something that we don't know. Did he make up his mind, and the "loading..." means that he's close to announcing? Maybe it's possible that he was swayed by the Padres during their recent meeting in Las Vegas.

2. He's just excited, like the rest of us, that pitchers and catchers report in eight days

The transition into baseball season is now underway, and in just a few days, pitchers and catchers will report to spring training. It could be that Harper is just as excited as we are for baseball to return. It's been a long winter for all of us who miss baseball, but probably more so for the slugger since his free agency hasn't exactly been thrilling. Harper could simply be excited about the prospect of returning to the diamond... even if he doesn't know what jersey he'll be wearing yet.

3. The tweet is a plug for the MLB The Show '19 video game

The 26-year-old slugger was named the cover athlete for MLB The Show '19, and it's possible that his "loading" tweet is a reference to the game. The video game is set for a March 26 release, so an official trailer could be on the horizon. A trailer that could feature Harper sporting his new team's jersey, perhaps? Then again, the message may be just another promotional tweet for the video game as he's already done a few times this offseason.

For now, we're left guessing as the anticipation continues to build for where Harper will end up in 2019. Harper's list of suitors has been shorter than expected this winter with the Phillies, White Sox, Nationals and Padres as his known suitors.