In order to make it possible for sports to return, leagues are becoming creative: cardboard cutout fans, social distance expanded dugouts and "bubbles." Players are forced to get creative as well. The St. Louis Cardinals are currently in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak, so players are not able to practice together like they normally do. The team had at least six positive tests among personnel that travel and more positive tests are expected, according to a report from Sunday.

The team's weekend series against the Brewers was postponed due to the positive tests, but Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty wants to make sure his arm stays loose while he quarantines in Milwaukee hotel rooms. So, the 24-year-old worked with what he had and made a bullpen out of his hotel bed.

Take a look at what he came up with:

Flaherty captioned it, "Let's not pull a Joe Kelly and miss," cracking a joke about Kelly's recent game against the Astros. Or maybe it was a joke about Kelly breaking a window in his backyard. Who knows.

The Cardinals pitcher put the bed completely flipped up to cushion the pitches and placed pillows to catch the ball when it falls. I know he wants to stay prepped for the season, but those two lamps look awfully close to where he's throwing the ball. One small slip out of his hand and he'll be cleaning up some glass.

I'm sure those in the neighboring hotel rooms aren't loving his practice either.

Flaherty also shared info about the "bullpen" on his Instagram story, saying, "Let's see what happens." He never actually showed what happened though, so we're still wondering if his makeshift workout setup worked or not.