The coronavirus pandemic has put the 2020 MLB season on hold and kept players out of team training facilities for the foreseeable future. With the new reality of the moment, players have taken to keeping in shape and getting in some practice at home.

Los Angeles Dodgers relief pitcher Joe Kelly was going through his routine throwing some pitches in his backyard and things went a bit south. Kelly missed the practice netting that he had set up and threw the ball through one of his windows.

In the video that was recorded by Kelly's wife, Ashley, it can clearly be seen that Kelly shattered the top of a window of one of the bedrooms in their home. Kelly appeared to be a tad shocked when he saw the ball go through the window.

Kelly has since talked about just what happened with the errant pitch, and what was going through his mind after he saw the window break, with WEEI in Boston.

The Dodgers reliever has averaged 9.6 strikeouts per nine in 215 innings pitched over the last five seasons, so he clearly can find the strike zone.

It's certainly been a huge adjustment for athletes when it comes to staying in shape and training for when their respective sports do return. They're used to being able to go into team facilities to practice even during the offseason, but that luxury is no longer feasible in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.