This has been -- and was expected to be -- an ugly season for the Washington Nationals. They took baseball's second worst record (13-26) into Friday's game with the Milwaukee Brewers (GameTracker), and they'd lost 19 of their previous 26 games. Like I said, ugly.

There will be at least one non-Juan Soto-related highlight on the season in review video, though. Friday night in the bottom of the seventh, the Nationals turned only their second triple play since the franchise moved to Washington in 2005. Righty Carl Edwards Jr. got Brewers shortstop Luis Urías to bang into the around the horn 5-4-3 triple-killing. To the action footage:

The Nationals turned their other triple play on July 29, 2016, against the San Francisco Giants. That was an unconventional 3-3-5 triple play. The Montreal Expos turned 11 triple plays in their 35 seasons before the franchise relocated to Washington.

As for the Brewers, they had not hit into a triple play since way back in 1986, when Cecil Cooper hit into a 3-6-1-2-4 triple play against the Seattle Mariners. This is only the fourth triple play the Brewers have hit into since joining the league in 1969 (that includes their inaugural season as the Seattle Pilots).

The triple play is baseball's second this season -- the Texas Rangers turned a 3-3-6 triple play against the Mariners on April 20.