There will be no international tour leading up to the UFC 229 lightweight championship showdown between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor as many had expected, but on Thursday, that all changes. Inside Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the UFC 229 press conference will go down ahead of the event on Oct. 6, and this will be the first time Nurmagomedov and McGregor come face to face since the infamous bus attack that took place in April during UFC 223 weekend. 

The sheer hatred between these two fighters has made this arguably the most anticipated press conference in UFC history. And given McGregor's history of making headlines -- for better or worse -- when it comes to his appearances at these events, Las Vegas has gone ahead and released some pretty entertaining prop bets predicting what may happen on Thursday as these two face off with one another for the first time prior to their championship main event in Las Vegas at UFC 229. 

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So, let's look at these prop bets per BetDSI and make some picks of our own. 

Will Conor and Khabib have to be separated?

Yes -900
No +500

Pick -- Yes: Of course they will. They're not going to wish each other luck up there on the stage. McGregor threw a dolly at a bus the champ was on, for crying out loud. 

Will either Conor or Khabib throw something?

Yes +125
No -165

Pick -- No: McGregor just avoided jail time for throwing that aforementioned dolly, and he was in hot water for launching Monster Energy cans at Nate Diaz, endangering those in attendance. The plethora of high-priced lawyers on McGregor's legal team have likely advised him against this relentlessly. 

Will Conor McGregor be chewing gum?

Yes +100
No -140

Pick -- No: McGregor may likely be sipping on some of his new whiskey that he just launched. Gum and hard liquor isn't a good mix. 

Will Khabib Nurmagomedov wear a papakha?

Yes +260
No -380

Pick -- Yes: I'll go against the odds for this one. Despite being undefeated professionally, Nurmagomedov has yet to become a media darling. He has to take advantage of the moment to expand his #brand. 

What will Conor McGregor wear?

Suit -525
Polo +215
T-Shirt +475

Pick -- Suit: The odds do suggest that this is an obvious choice, but McGregor is coming back after making a gazillion -- give or take -- bucks dancing around with Floyd Mayweather for 10 rounds last August. He'll be wearing a suit that's probably valued at more than my house. The real question here is whether the pinstripes on the suit will contain any subtle vulgarities. 

Will Conor McGregor wear sunglasses?

Yes -800
No +400

Pick -- Yes: "Notorious" loves the suit/sunglasses look, so yeah. Simple. 

Will Conor McGregor say "Proper Twelve"?

Yes -5000
No +2000

Pick -- Yes: He just launched his own freaking brand of whiskey. What do you think?

Will Conor McGregor take a drink of his whiskey?

Yes +150
No -190

Pick -- Yes: See both the previous prop listed, as well as the earlier one regarding gum and whiskey being a disgusting mix. 

Will Khabib Nurmagomedov say 'tap machine'?

Yes +145
No -185

Pick -- Yes: Gonna go against the grain here again. This tagline will come out of his mouth at least once. Again, gotta expand the #brand! 

Will Conor McGregor say 'Russian Mafia'?

Yes +600
No -1200

Pick -- Yes: Kinda surprised by this one. Of course he'll bring up Nurmagomedov's reported ties to the Russian mob. It creates a great storyline. 

Total curse words said by Conor McGregor

Over 10 (-120)
Under 10 (-120)

Pick -- Over: Why isn't this set a lot higher? You know, like 50?

Will 'Mystic Mac' predict a KO finish over Khabib?

Yes -2000
No +1000

Pick -- Yes: Predicting finishes is one of the qualities that endeared a lot of fans to McGregor in the first place, so yeah, he'll rip that weapon out of the arsenal early. 

Will Conor reference that he's the real lightweight champ?

Yes -350
No +250

Pick -- Yes: Bet should be how many times he'll reference it, to be honest. 

Will Conor grab or steal Khabib's UFC Title belt?

Yes +280
No -400

Pick -- Yes: Sure, he's pulled this stunt before with Jose Aldo, and as a proper showman, you hate to go to the well one too many times. But in this case, that is a title that McGregor never lost in the cage, so the chances here are good. 

Total questions asked to Dana White

Over 5 (-140)
Under 5 (+100)

Pick -- Under: This is one of the few times where the media cares very little about what the UFC president has to say. They want to hear from the competitors more than anything. Now, whether the attention-seeking White provokes more questions for himself from the media could ruin this bet. 

Total questions asked to Conor McGregor

Over 18 (-135)
Under 18 (-105)

Pick -- Over: He's been away from the MMA media for a very long time. There's a lot to catch up on from the most entertaining character in the sport's history. 

Total questions asked to Khabib Nurmagomedov

Over 10.5 (-120)
Under 10.5 (-120)

Pick -- Under: Once McGregor gets going, there may not be enough time to ask the champ 10 questions. Hell, he may not even get half of that. 

Will someone be arrested at the Broadway viewing party?

Yes +300
No -500

Pick -- Yes: This really should be an over/under bet on how many will spend some time in cuffs.