The Jaguars are VERY excited for their playoff game on Sunday against the Bills (stream it Sunday at 1:05 p.m. ET with CBS All Access!). Can't blame them. It's the first home playoff game since 1999 for Jacksonville. But they might be going a little over the top with their decision to make all of their food teal. 

Yes, that's right. Teal food. Specifically, teal cheeseburgers, which is a little gross sounding at first, but even more gross sounding when you see the photo and realize it's not the meat that is light blue, but rather the bun that is light blue. 

via Delaware North

The color juxtaposition is fascinating for the photo, but even for someone like me who loves a medium rare burger, that might be a touch red for something you're buying in the stadium. 

I also believe, and I could be mistaken, that I detect some special sauce! 

via Delaware North

It is extremely cool that the Jags are doing teal-colored food. It's another item in a long list of fun stuff that Delaware North, the food provider for Everbank Field, has done for a playoff team in the last few years. The Seahawks have previously sold a two-foot hot dog and crab nachos, while the Packers have busted out a heart-stopping 35-pound hamburger and the Lam-Bowl heart stopper.

But there are a couple of arguments why you should not eat this burger. For one, blue bread is usually not the type of bread you want to eat. At the risk of disparaging the menu item, I'll let anyone who has had bread sit in their pantry for a month figure out why. Two, if blue bread goes into the body, does, um, teal colored bread come out of the body? Whatever, let's pretend that's not an issue. It's just food coloring. We eat icing all the time. Stop asking questions AND EAT THE TEAL CHEESEBURGER. 

You could also go the, for whatever reason, safer route and just eat the teal ice cream.

via Delaware North

The Jaguars are also partnering with Anheuser-Busch to "craft a teal beer" that will be available throughout the stadium, and as you can see from the photos above, there will be teal-colored drinks and teal-colored candy as well.

Teal your face right off your head.