Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, the mystery of Peyton Manning's 'Omaha' call has finally been solved.

For years, football fans everywhere have tried to solve the riddle of the 'Omaha' call, only to come up empty. The frustration has finally come to an end though because Rodgers spilled the beans during a recent appearance on the HBO show Any Given Wednesday.

During the interview, host Bill Simmons asked Rodgers who he tries to emulate at the quarterback position. The Packers quarterback mentioned that he'll occasionally watch film on guys like Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady. During an extra segment after the show, Rodgers went into even more detail on what he likes about Manning

"I like watching Peyton," Rodgers said. "Peyton did a lot for the pre-snap for everybody."

"The Omaha stuff?" Simmons asked.

"That was important," Rodgers said. "That's really interesting. The root of that is a timing mechanism where his offense can get off at the same time, and then the beauty and the brilliance of it is that it goes from that word to you saw numerous times he would change it. He would have a code word that would mean it wasn't coming on the 'Omaha.' It wasn't 'Omaha, Omaha, set hut,' that was a dummy."

There you go everyone! The next time you turn on an old Broncos or Colts game, you'll have a new appreciation for everything Manning did on the field.

One of the offense's biggest advantages in football is the split-second head start they're theoretically supposed to get because they know the snap count and the defense doesn't. That advantage can go away when the snap count has to change, but Manning's team would keep the advantage because of his incessant 'Omaha' calls.

Anyway, if this all means that Manning eventually runs for Mayor of Omaha, then we all win.

Back to Rodgers though, because he knows a thing or two about dummy calls. Rodgers invented his own 'Omaha' call back in January 2015 when he started shouting "New York Bozo" as his audible.

That might go down as the best dummy call of all-time, and Rodgers used it perfectly to his advantage.

The Packers quarterback actually had a lot of fascinating things to say about Manning during the 10-minute extra segment he filmed with Simmons. You can see the entire interview below. The 'Omaha' talk starts around the 1:36 mark.