If the NFL listens to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, we could soon have a future where NFL teams only play two preseason games, instead of four. 

During his postgame press conference on Sunday, which came just hours after the Packers lost No. 1 receiver Jordy Nelson to a severe knee injury, Rodgers sounded like a guy who would love to see the preseason disappear.  

"It's difficult to lose a guy like that in a meaningless game," Rodgers said after the Packers 24-19 loss to the Steelers

So how meaningless is the preseason to Rodgers?

The Packers quarterback didn't want to talk about anything on Sunday, including the 10-play, 80-yard touchdown drive that the Packer first team put together on Green Bay's opening possession.  

"This game doesn't mean anything," Rodgers said. 

Rodgers was eventually asked if he thought the preseason should be eliminated, and although he thinks the games are meaningless, he's not ready to get rid of all of them. 

"I think a lot of players around the league probably do [want to eliminate it]," Rodgers said.

His take?

"At least cut it down, maybe, to a couple," the Packers quarterback said. 

Rodgers might want a shorter preseason, but he seems to understand that probably won't be happening anytime soon. 

"A lot would have to happen," Rodgers said. "The fans, I think, are paying close to full-price tickets. It's not just the coaches' and the players' decision."

The good news for Rodgers when it comes to cutting down the preseason is that he's not the only person in the Packers organization that wants to see it trimmed. 

Back in July, team president Mark Murphy said that the league has been looking at a way to modify the preseason and that cutting down to three games could be a possibility. 

"At the league level, we continue to study the preseason," Murphy said. "Those of you that have been around the league for a long time, it's changed dramatically. The way the players train in the offseason, the preseason games are just significantly different. The fourth [preseason] game, very few starters across the league play. They're all on Thursday. So there are some that look and say, 'Why do we play that game?'"

Aaron Rodgers had a tough time getting through Sunday's postgame press conference. (NFL)
Aaron Rodgers had a tough time getting through Sunday's postgame press conference. (NFL)