After skipping out on nearly every practice the Packers held last week, it's starting to look like Aaron Rodgers might have to do the same thing this week. 

Although Rodgers was able to play against the Vikings on Sunday, there's still come concern about his left knee, which he injured in a 24-23 Week 1 win over the Bears. According to multiple reports, the injury could take as long as two months to heal, but there's a catch to that timeline, and it's a catch that concerns Rodgers: If he keeps playing, the knee might keep getting worse, which will take it longer to heal, meaning it could be several months before he's 100 percent. 

"Yeah, obviously that's a concern," Rodgers said Wednesday, via "Hopefully it goes the other way though."

Although the Packers' next game is still days away, Rodgers already knows that his knee "won't be 100 percent."

"I'll just adjust accordingly to how I'm feeling and try to get through," Rodgers said. 

Due to his injury, Rodgers only took part in one practice last week -- a session held one day before the game -- and if his knee gives him issues this week, it's looking like he might stick to the same schedule.  

"It just depends on how the week goes with the rehab and the recovery," Rodgers said. "Obviously, I'd love to be better than I was last week as far as health-wise but there's some factors that are out of my control."

One thing Rodgers didn't have to worry about on Wednesday was missing practice, and that's because coach Mike McCarthy decided to call the whole thing off for everyone. 

"I think it's obvious we came off a Sunday night game, played an overtime game in unusual heat for this part of the country, so just trusting our numbers," McCarthy said. "That's why we're doing what we're doing."

If it's hot at FedEx Field this week, that could actually be an advantage for Rodgers, who said the heat on Sunday in Green Bay actually made his knee feel better.  

"The heat and the adrenaline definitely helped, but it's just going to be something you've got to deal with for a while," Rodgers said. "Take it week by week. It doesn't seem like there's a major setback at this point, so just being smart about it and trying to get ready to play Sunday."

If you were following the Rodgers injury saga last week, McCarthy made a habit of saying that his quarterback would be taking things day-by-day, so you probably won't be surprised to hear what McCarthy had to say about the injury this week. 

"We're still in a day-by-day mode, I mean, just how he's progressing," McCarthy said. 

The downside for Rodgers is that he's actually going to have to travel this week. With the Packers set to play at Washington, Rodgers and his injured knee are going to have to sit through a plane ride that will last roughly two hours.