Earlier this week, the Saints traded Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals for a conditional draft pick. 

We were not enthusiastic about the move from Arizona's perspective. Peterson had been both bad and injured for all of last season, and looked absolutely dreadful when he actually managed to get on the field for the Saints, which wasn't all that often. He had 27 carries for 81 yards across four games and did not seem to enjoy the offensive stylings of Sean Payton. 

Coming to the Cardinals did not seem to be the best situation for him, either. Arizona's run-blocking had been awful this season (30th in Football Outsiders' Adjusted Line Yards through Week 5), and thus their entire offense seemed to consist of check-downs to Andre Ellington and shots down the field to Larry Fitzgerald or one of the Browns

Naturally, Peterson came out on Sunday, in his first game with the Cardinals, and had his best game since 2015. The final tally: 26 carries for 134 yards and two touchdowns. 

He got started early, ripping off a 27-yard run for a score on the Cards' first drive of the afternoon. 

By midway through the first half, he had more rushing yards with Arizona than he did in four games with the Saints. Midway through the third, he hit the century mark. 

And he wasn't done. The second half saw him display the kind of sizzle and shake we haven't seen since he led the league in rushing a couple years back. Look at poor Brent Grimes on this play:

He capped off the performance with another score from a yard out, and a series of dap-ups from his new teammates on the sideline. 

Not bad for a day's work from a washed-up 32-year old has-been, huh? The Cards have to hope AP can keep this up, because they have divisional games on the schedule in each of the next three weeks.