The Jets are going to be a terrible football team in 2017. We know this because they were a terrible football team in 2016 and in the six months since the end of last season they are markedly worse. Gone are Brandon Marshall, Nick Mangold, Darrelle Revis and David Harris; Eric Decker isn't far behind.

It's gotten so bad, in fact, that Marshall wonders if the Jets will be able to field a team.

"I am happy where I'm at now and the Jets will be all right. Will they have enough people to line up? Man, that's the question," Marshall told TMZ. "I think eventually they'll be all right, but I don't know if they're gonna have enough men to line up."

It's unclear when "eventually" will take place; the quarterback situation includes a 38-year-old journeyman and a 2016 second-round pick who doesn't appear close to seeing the field.

It's to the point that at least one NFL executive thinks the Jets have the NFL's "worst roster in a decade."

So while we understand owner Woody Johnson wanting to save money by cutting ties with players who aren't productive as they once were, there doesn't seem to be a coherent strategy -- in the short or long term -- going forward.

Meanwhile, Marshall, who spent two years with the Jets and signed with the Giants in March, won't be missed by least one former teammate.

"Let's just say there are 15 reasons why it's better," Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson said last month of the Jets without Marshall, who wore No. 15.

But one team's trash is another team's treasure. Giants linebacker Mark Herzlich knows Marshall and has no idea "what Sheldon is talking about."

"I've known Brandon for a few years now," Herzlich told CBS Sports Radio's Gio and Jones shortly after Richardson's remarks. "We actually go to the same church in New York. I've known him off the field. I had no blinders or anything when he came in. (It was), 'Brandon is my new teammate. Let's see how he is.' And he's been fantastic. I think that there has been obviously some self-admitted change in his life, just his whole life, and he's on this team now and he's a great asset to our team – not only on the field, but he's a great guy in the locker room."