After waiting patiently for 635 days, Browns fans were finally able to celebrate a win on Thursday, and let's just say, thing got kind of crazy in Cleveland. 

Of course, crazy is what happens when your win comes with free beer, and that's what fans all around northern Ohio got after the Browns put the finishing touches on their 21-17 win over the Jets. As soon as the clock ticked down to zero, Browns fans started cheering like they had just won the Super Bowl, and um, they also started singing like they had just won the Super Bowl. 

This was the mood inside the stadium after the win.  

The pandemonium inside the stadium even included a shirtless JR Smith, because no celebration is complete without a shirtless JR Smith.  

Browns fans outside the stadium were also pretty excited. Here's a look at how several hundred fans celebrated at a local Cleveland bar.  

Oh, and those free beers, those were pretty popular too. Before the season started, Bud Light set up multiple "victory fridges" around the city that were stocked with beer. The one catch was that the fridges wouldn't actually open until the Browns won a game.

The Victory Fridges were such a popular thing in Cleveland that even Mayfield was asking about them after the win. 

The irony there is that Mayfield likely won't ever have to pay for another beer ever again because he's now basically a folk hero in Cleveland. 

Anyway, back to the free Bud Lights. The Victory Fridges were finally opened on Thursday and fans around the city got to drink free beer. In news what probably won't come as a surprise, the fridges were very popular....

... And the beer didn't last long. 

Since free beer can lead to all sort of debauchery, the Cleveland police department made sure to remind everyone to drink responsibly. 

Drunk Browns fans weren't the only ones celebrating the win, so were some other long-suffering fans, like LeBron James. 

Robert Griffin III was also impressed to see his former team finally get a win. 

Other NFL players showing some love for the Browns included Odell Beckham and Golden Tate

Although the celebration got a little crazy in Cleveland, you can't really blame Browns fans for getting wild. They only get to do it once every 635 days.   

Finally, just in case you're wondering where all that free beer ends up after it gets drank, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer System has the answer.