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For a brief moment on Sunday, the NFL Twitterverse was sent into an uproar when Tyreek Hill was spotted on the Chiefs' sideline drinking out of a miniature bottle that some on social media though may not belong on a sideline. But despite all the jokes about Hill celebrating after a touchdown with something that's reserved for postgame, the reality is a lot less scandalous and a bit more gross -- and apparently helpful: It was pickle juice. 

As strange as it sounds, pickle juice can often be a preferred method of hydration for athletes thanks to its high salt content. The drink helps prevent cramping, and it appears that Hill was taking some proactive measures while getting his hamstring worked on during the first half of Sunday's game against the Saints.

Hill was listed on the injury report with hamstring issues in the week leading up to Sunday's game and he appeared to experience some lower body issues during the first half, so the pickle juice makes sense here. Kansas City's training staff is probably doing everything they can to fight off Hill's cramps, especially considering he's been such a vital part of the team's offense this year.

The wide receiver hauled in a first half touchdown -- his 15th of the year -- that tied the Chiefs' single-season franchise record for a wideout. That's a guy you want to keep healthy by any means necessary.