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Three NFL teams have proposed new overtime rules for the 2022 season, the league announced Wednesday, and all of them aim to give the losing team in OT more opportunity to mount a potential comeback. Months after debate over current OT rules ignited following the Bills' playoff loss to the Chiefs, the Colts and Eagles have proposed guaranteeing both teams an opportunity to possess the ball in OT, while the Titans have proposed the same thing, unless the team with the first possession scores a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

Current OT rules dictate that both teams get the opportunity to possess the ball, unless the first team scores a TD (with or without an extra point or two-point conversion) on its first possession. The proposal made by the Titans would simply require the first-possession team to also convert a two-point try to prevent the other team from getting a possession. If that first team scored a TD and failed to convert, however, it would risk losing the game if the second team simply scored a TD and added an extra point.

The proposal made by the Colts and Eagles would give the second team a chance of possession no matter what the first team does with its first possession. Presumably, that second team would be required to at least match the first team's score for OT to continue.

The NFL's Competition Committee will also have the opportunity to submit proposed rule changes next week. The league has adjusted its OT rules several times in recent years, including reducing OT periods from 15 minutes to 10 minutes in 2017. Prior to the 2010 postseason, OT simply served as a sudden-death finish, with the game ending after either side's first points.