Malcolm Jenkins' decision to flip the bird at Saints coach Sean Payton is going to cost him some serious money. 

According to, Jenkins has been fined a total of $13,369 for flashing his middle finger during the fourth quarter of Philadelphia's 48-7 blowout loss to the Saints. 

After the game, Jenkins admitted he was frustrated with New Orleans's decision to go for it on fourth-and-6 while leading 38-7 with just under 14 minutes to play in the game. Payton had the option of punting, trying a 54-yard field goal or going for the jugular, and well, he went for the jugular. 

On the fourth-down play, Drew Brees connected with Alvin Kamara for a 37-yard touchdown as you can see above. 

Jenkins was the defender who got beat on the play, and he definitely wasn't happy about what happened.  

"I'm a competitor. I love Sean to death. I know what type of guy and coach he is. That was more so personal between me and him," Jenkins said of the middle finger, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. "We talked after the game. It's all good. I know Sean. They're going to go for it. I was more so upset that it was on me."

As for Payton, he didn't seem too offended, and that's probably because he knows Jenkins, The safety spent the first five seasons of his career in New Orleans (2009-13). 

"I think the world of him. He's a tremendous player," Payton said. "I hate that he got out of here. That was probably as big a mistake as we've made here in 13 years. He's made up of all the right things, and he's a tremendous competitor."

The biggest loser here was clearly Jenkins's bank account. The $13,369 fine seems to be the standard for any middle finger-related gestures. Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was fined the same amount for flipping the bird in October.