Tom Brady goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. every night, so he doesn't get to watch the Golden State Warriors play too often, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been following the NBA team that he grew up loving.

After Stephen Curry was named league MVP for the second year in a row on Tuesday, Brady heaped some high-praise on the Warriors star.

"He is such a dominant player and so much fun to watch," Brady told in an email on Tuesday. "I grew up loving the Warriors and can't believe they are achieving the type of success now that they never did in the past."

Brady grew up in the Bay Area, so it's not a complete surprise to hear that he's a big fan of the Warriors. It's also not a big surprise that he's a fan of Curry. After all, the two superstars have a lot in common.

For one, there's the Bay Area thing: Brady was raised in San Mateo, California, which is about a 30-mile drive from where the Warriors play at Oracle Arena.

There's also the whole MVP thing: Brady and Curry are the only players in history to unanimously win an MVP in their respective sports. Brady was unanimously named the MVP of the NFL in 2010, and Curry followed him up in 2016 by being named the NBA's first and only unanimous MVP.

The two are also tied together thanks to Under Armour: Brady and Curry both left Nike to join the company.

"I'm a big fan of [Curry's]," Brady said in the email. "I know how hard Steph works and how great of a team player he is. He must be really smart for choosing to sign with UA -- nobody is more up and coming than them. Makes for a great team."

Brady pays close attention to Curry. The Patriots quarterback also congratulated him after he won the NBA MVP last season.

Thanks to his MVP this year, Curry has now done something that Brady hasn't: He's been named MVP in back-to-back seasons. If Brady's going to pull that off, he's going to have to do it soon. To tie Curry, the 39-year-old would have to win two MVPs in a row between now and the end of his career, which isn't going to be easy.

Tom Brady and Steph Curry
Two MVPs. Facebook/Tom Brady