Every team takes a different approach to free agency based on its needs and the money it has to spend. Some are ready to hand out big deals, while others keep it more conservative and this offseason, the New York Giants are one team ready to spend money.

Giants general manager Joe Schoen is ready to hand out big paychecks and is looking to build up his roster.

"I'll give you a good example," Schoen said (via "We were just talking about a player. I won't name the position or anything. We were like, 'Yeah, we're guessing his market might be $2.5 (million),' and I was like, 'We can afford that. It's only $2.5 (million). We can actually afford it.' We're not shopping for minimum players anymore. So, even players like that that can be really good depth players will make us that much better."

The first-year GM got some experience making big moves already, signing quarterback Daniel Jones to 4-year, $160M contract and putting a franchise tag on star running back Saquon Barkley. Now Schoen wants to build around his two offensive stars and get those bigger name players and the depth needed to win games.

"So, just having the flexibility now to be creative, go get players at maybe a little bit higher value, but also being able to sign, whether it's tier three players, two, one, however you do it. We can map it out, and there are players that we can go procure now that maybe we weren't in the past," he said. 

Schoen is looking ahead to the draft as well, looking to improve his team through the April event. With Schoen's plan to spend money in free agency, the players they draft is where the Giants will save their money.

"So, this offseason we'll build a bit. I still believe in building through the draft. And we can sign guys in free agency to help the roster," Schoen said. "I still think with Daniel and Dexter [Lawrence] coming down the road and some of the other players, you're still going to need to build through the draft because I think there are going to be some players who will be making good money on our roster. So, it's still going to be important."

Last season, the Giants exceeded expectations, going 9-7-1 and qualifying for the playoffs for the first time since 2016.