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America's Team is back, baby. Amid Dak Prescott's anticipated return and the approaching 2021 regular season, the Cowboys returned to TV on Tuesday night for the fourth episode of this year's edition of "Hard Knocks." HBO's annual training camp series, which runs weekly through Sept. 7 with an inside look at the club's preparations for the new year, marks the third time Dallas has been featured on the show.

Who stood out in Tuesday's penultimate episode? Who needs some work for the series finale? Here are the winners and losers:

Winner: Amari Cooper

Trevon Diggs was feeling a little feisty and insisted, right to Dak Prescott's face, that Cooper wouldn't catch a single pass against him at practice. Turns out Dallas' No. 1 wideout still has some juice, because he had little trouble beating his teammate for a touchdown. Diggs was so undone by his poor bet that he scurried off the field without a word. Maybe we should be worried about this defense!

Loser: Ben DiNucci

Sorry, Ben, but we all know your fate already, and the show isn't doing you any favors; every time you show up, it's a cue for an on-field blunder, followed by you yelling at yourself. We'll always have 2020, when you showcased your sidearm on prime time!

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Winner: Ezekiel Elliott

For no other reason than he remains the most entertainingly childlike character of the show. In limited screen time (boo!), Elliott was a persistent cheerleader, popping up in Dak's QB meeting room and supporting rookie JaQuan Hardy's efforts to make the roster. Here's to hoping we get one last, long look at he and Dak's bromance in the season finale.

Loser: Our eyes

For having to look at all of Mike McCarthy's dated PowerPoint presentations. Can one of the Cowboys' 16 graphic design interns lend a hand here? Why, every time the coach of a billion-dollar franchise calls attention to the screen, are we gazing at oversized 1997 Microsoft Word headings, with clip art spread all over for good measure? Remember the "Austin Powers" stuff? That was nostalgic, but it masked a deeper-seated issue. Clean up the presentation, man! Let's not even get into his thrift-store button-up ...

Winner: Food

Sherese Parsons, mom of rookie linebacker Micah Parsons, showed off her soul-food cooking by feeding what appeared to be every notable Cowboys linebacker at her home. And then Jerry Jones had the guts to reveal this whopper during the end credits: He eats burgers at room temperature. Joking about his Whataburger fantasies, the Cowboys owner -- famous for an Episode 1 role as Man Who Salts His Breakfast Sandwiches -- said he doesn't care if his burger has been sitting around "for an hour and a half." If it's lukewarm and verging on poisonous, he's in!

Bonus winner: Moms

Both Azur Kamara and Isaac Alarcón have incredibly supportive madres who aren't just representing their distant homes -- Mexico and the Ivory Coast, respectively -- but bringing passion to the seats of the Cowboys' stadium. Alarcón's mom, in particular, could easily earn a job leading Dallas pep rallies this fall.