Jarvis Landry has been all over the place this offseason. He was hit with the franchise tag by the Dolphins in February, and the two sides seeded open towards negotiating for a deal. He wasn't thrilled with the tag, claiming it wasn't his best deal. On Friday, however, the Dolphins pulled an unexpected move, sending Landry to the Browns for a pair of draft picks.

Landry was a productive receiver in Miami, but none of that matters to the NFL world. What matters is the Browns doing things, as they have to be the most interesting small-market team on the planet while everyone eagerly holds their breath to see if their latest rebuild will bear fruit.

Only one reaction is going to end up mattering in all of this: Landry's himself. And according to Landry, s***'s about to get real.

Jarvis Landry Twitter

Oh, we understand. To some people, this is another key piece of the Cleveland puzzle, which was thought at the end of last year to be 10,000 pieces and of clear blue sky.

To others, the move was just business, and the Dolphins shedding a franchise tag that they didn't necessarily want.

For the team itself, it's outright happiness, because people are looking at Cleveland right now.

But, this is the Browns. So there has to be jokes.

For the Browns, none of this will matter if they don't get a quarterback. So all that's left to say is: Paging Mr. Cousins. Mr. Kirk Cousins.