Johnny Football, for the first time more than two years, will be back playing football real soon when the upstart Spring league kicks off its second season. Or, as Johnny Manziel has been dubbing it on social media, ComebackSZN is in full effect. And one of the most important parts of any comeback? Merchandise!

Manziel, who has been out of pro football since the Browns released him two years ago, is selling his Spring League jersey on his ComebackSZN website for $70. The best way to describe the jersey is a Bengals' jersey that wanted to avoid a lawsuit, or the jersey for a hypothetical team in the same league as the inmates and guards from "The Longest Yard."

Comeback SZN store

To Manziel's credit, he's put a lot of work in to get to this point. Or at least, he's posted a lot of media of himself putting work in to get to this point. You can also add a Manziel signature to the jersey for $30 more. It's obviously not the first time that he's used his signature to make some cash, but this time he can't be punished for it.

The Spring League, in its second year, is a venture to get former pro players back in front of NFL and Canadian Football League scouts. Manziel, who has been assigned to the South team, will play NFL-rules, full-contact games on April 7 and April 12.  

Manziel's website has a lot of merchandise. From t-shirts to dad hats to Texas A&M colored things that the university can't actually come after him for, there's a variety for all of the Money Manziel fans out there. The crazy thing? Almost all of his bundles are sold out. So someone is buying this stuff. Presumably frat houses that want to hang it on their walls.

He also has a hat that says "lost in the sauce." Even if that's meant to be ironic, someone with Manziel's legal history might want to rethink the wording.