The inevitable is a reality as the Cleveland Browns cut Johnny Manziel on Friday morning, two days after the start of free agency. 

Cleveland made it clear releasing Manziel was absolutely in the cards once it was able to and there wasn't much hesitation in getting him out the door. 

Here are five things to know about Manziel's release.

1. An all-time disappointment: There are lots of disappointments on the famed Browns quarterback jersey, but is Manziel the biggest one?

He came in with such hype surrounding him -- ticket sales were through the roof following the draft, he told coaches he was going to "wreck this league" -- and he's been such a disappointment.

No one thought he was going to really be Russell Wilson 2.0. But certainly there was a belief Manziel could become a star in Cleveland. It's been the complete opposite. 

2. Comparable quarterbacks: It's going to sting as the careers of Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr unfold. The latter two quarterbacks were absolutely available for the Browns when they selected Manziel. Teddy was their guy until a homeless guy piped up and told Jimmy Haslam he needed to go with Manziel. (Related: the Browns owner is probably scared of homeless people now.)

And he'll be compared to this group for the rest of his career, however long or short it may be. They look pretty good right now, which makes the Manziel pick look pretty bad.

3. Fixing his personal life: Manziel is currently involved in a case where he allegedly assaulted his then-girlfriend Colleen Crowley. The circumstances surrounding the incident are highly concerning.

His agent, who was his biggest defender, dropped him. There were rumors about him showing up drunk to practice.

His own father came out and said he won't make it to his 24th birthday the way he is progressing. That's not a red flag, it's a gigantic blinking light complete with a blaring siren.

Manziel has a lot of issues to work through before he even begins to figure out whether he can continue to play football. 

4. Possible landing spots: Let's be real. Johnny Manziel is not going to play football in 2016. If someone signs him they are taking on a massive, unnecessary headache. This includes you, Jerry Jones.

Someone might take a shot on him after a year off, but it's highly unlikely there is a team out there eying his combination of issues -- on and off the field -- and thinking he's a solid investment.  

Time for Johnny to go bye, bye. Where will he end up? (USATSI)

5. Final Browns stats: Manziel finished with pretty uninspiring stats while playing for the Browns.

In 15 total games he had eight starts, a 2-6 record, 57 percent completions, 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns, seven interceptions, 6.5 yards per attempt, 111.7 yards per game passing

He also ran 46 times for 259 yards and one touchdown. 

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