It turns out that being an unemployed former NFL quarterback does have some perks, and Johnny Manziel will be taking advantage of those in Houston next month during Super Bowl week.

The former first-round pick will be in Texas the week leading up to the game to sell his autograph.

Stadium Signatures, a store in Houston, recently announced that Manziel will be signing autographs on the Thursday and Friday before the Super Bowl, which will be played Feb. 5.

If you want Manziel's autograph, you're going to have to fork over $99. If you have deep pockets, you can also fork over another $99 to get a professional photo taken with the former Browns quarterback.

Of course, no millennial in their right mind would ever agree to a professional photo, which is why taking a selfie with Johnny is also an option. However, that selfie won't be free. The going rate for a selfie with Manziel is $50. Unless you're Justin Bieber, then I think it's free.

Manziel will also add a personal inscription to any of your autographed items for an extra $29. One thing we do know is that Manziel won't be signing any whiskey bottles. On their Facebook page, someone asked Stadium Signatures if Manziel would sign a whiskey bottle and they said no. So leave your whiskey bottles at home.

Signing autographs for money is a pretty common thing for players to do during Super Bowl week. However, most of those players usually last longer than two years in the NFL.

Although Manziel has been out of football for 11 months, it's no surprise that the former Texas A&M star is signing autographs during Super Bowl week, especially in his home state. After he's done signing, Manziel may want to stick around and see if the Texans still need a quarterback, because it doesn't seem they're very happy with the guys they have.

Manziel was cut by the Browns in March after putting together a 2-6 record as a starter in two seasons with the team. Although that sounds bad, it's really not if we're going by Browns standards: Manziel won more games in 2015 (two) than every Browns quarterback combined to win in 2016 (one).