Tom Brady and Julian Edelman were doing what rich, famous people do best and sitting courtside at a basketball game next to one another. During a broadcast of a college basketball game, the camera naturally found the New England duo and panned over to them. As Edelman noticed the camera, he decided to briefly toy with the hearts of every Patriots fan in the country, and say "he's coming back, he's coming back" while pointing at Brady.

Take a look.

As that tweet implies, it seems pretty clear that the Pats wideout was doing it just to bother his pal on live national television. In a world where that clip is a couple seconds shorter, any sort of real world speculation about what Edelman said would come to a close, and we'd all move on with our lives. 

But that world is not one we live in. Instead, the video goes on for a few more seconds as Edelman gets a kick out of his gag and then shows Brady mouthing, well, something. It's not exactly clear what was said, but some speculation has led to the assumption that he said "he's not," implying that the Pats quarterback will soon be the ex-Pats quarterback -- whether that means he'll be done with football or just done with New England remains to be seen in this very hypothetical situation. Alternate phrases could have been "he's lying," which isn't a whole lot better for Patriots fans, or "this guy."

Brady has yet to clarify what he said in that clip, and, quite frankly, he probably enjoys it being this way. This is a man who tweeted out an ominous black and white photo of himself that many thought hinted at retirement, and turned around to use it as the basis of a Super Bowl commercial

The seemingly endless march through the mountains of speculation that the football-watching public will endure over Brady's choice will only end once his name is on the dotted line of either a team contract or retirement papers. Until then, all we have to go on is lip reading.