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BALTIMORE -- Lamar Jackson is used to accomplishing feats in games that rewrite the NFL record books. On Sunday night Jackson made NFL history again, but not exactly the way he'd hoped. 

The former NFL MVP threw a career-high four interceptions in the Baltimore Ravens' 16-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns. NFL teams had lost 54 consecutive games when their quarterback threw four interceptions in a game. Jackson, already a special player, found a way to pull off a victory regardless -- becoming the first quarterback since Andy Dalton in 2013 to throw four interceptions in a game and win. 

Always thankful to get the win, a smiling Jackson became his biggest critic.

"I'm hot, though. I threw four interceptions, three in the first half. I feel like those drives, when the interceptions came, we could've done something on those drives," Jackson said immediately after the win. "We could've put points on the board. I just told my team, 'That's me. I owe y'all.'" 

The Ravens defense had their quarterback's back in the victory, holding the Browns to just 10 points and forcing two takeaways of their own. The real damage came on the ground, as the Browns were held to just 40 yards rushing -- the lowest total in a game in head coach Kevin Stefanski's two years at the helm. 

"That's a great offense led by a great quarterback. Our defense just played lights out today," Jackson said. "I hoped I could have put more points on the board for them instead of putting them out there with three interceptions and no points at all. I'm ticked off, but I told all those guys, 'Man, way to have my back. Way to have my back, because y'all deserved that. You played lights out.'"

Prior to Sunday's game, Jackson had thrown as many as three interceptions just once in a game -- Week 5 of the 2019 season against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jackson didn't show any of his frustrations on the primetime stage, continuing to regroup and live for the next play with first place in the AFC on the line. 

Three consecutive possessions late in the second quarter. Three interceptions. 

'It'll still be on my mind, because I'll still be talking about it, but you have to move on – move on to the next job," Jackson said. "When you get another opportunity, just go out there and try to be right there."  

The Browns scored just three points in the stretch and trailed 6-3 at halftime. That gave Jackson his opportunity, as he was able to deliver the one play that was able to get Baltimore a thrilling win against their AFC North rivals. 

A frustrated Jackson wouldn't have been able to avoid Jadeveon Clowney and Myles Garrett and deliver a strike to Mark Andrews in the end zone on his back foot. The interceptions don't phase him. 

The Ravens quarterback has the playmakers around him on both sides of the ball. He'll keep going to his top targets regardless of failure. Baltimore has loftier goals, and Lamar won't dwell on his poor performance. 

What Jackson was able to overcome is far more meaningful to the Ravens' overall success than his struggles throwing the football. 

"We're determined. We're determined. We know we want to win," Jackson said. "We want to keep stacking [wins]. It's a hard division. We're in one of the tougher divisions, but we fight adversity. We do it all. 

"There's been a lot going on throughout this whole season, and tonight was another part of it. We just have to keep on doing what we're doing, and we're going to click."