Robert Ayers' tenure with the Detroit Lions barely eclipsed one day.

After signing the veteran defensive end on Monday, the Lions announced that Ayers had been released on Tuesday. The 32-year-old was nowhere to be seen at practice, and the team made the transaction official later in the afternoon.

Here's a handy timeline:

Monday, August 27, 11:31 AM EST

Tuesday, August 27, 3:30 PM EST

One has to imagine that there might something that triggered the quick release, as 28-ish hours seems barely long enough to get a suitcase unpacked, never mind get cut loose following a free-agent signing. Was there an incident with the team in that short timespan? Did the team find out something that they hadn't previously known prior to signing him? Did they change their mind during his lone practice session on Monday? It's hard not to wonder.

It's especially head-scratching considering Lions head coach Matt Patricia said Tuesday morning that he was excited to see how Ayers would fit into the team's defensive unit. Four hours later, he was cut. 

Ayers has previously spent time with the Bucs, Giants and Broncos. Despite recording just two sacks last season, the veteran lineman was expected to help the Lions' pass rush (an area where they're pretty thin). Instead, he's mysteriously unemployed once again.