After Rex Ryan was fired by the Bills this week, several players came out and said it was a smart move to get rid of him because the team lacked discipline under their former coach.

Apparently, the Bills wanted to honor Ryan on Sunday because they pulled off a play against the Jets that might go down as the most undisciplined play in NFL history.

In a play that perfectly epitomized the Bills' season, Buffalo's kickoff return team gave up a touchdown because they forgot to field the ball. You might expect something like that to happen in a Pop Warner game, but nope, it actually happened in an NFL game.

The embarrassing play went down in the fourth quarter after the Jets' hit a 25-yard field goal to take a 23-3 lead. After the field goal, the Bills' circus started when New York kicked off.

On the kickoff, Jets kicker Nick Folk hit a high-pooch kick that landed at the Bills' 14-yard line. While the kick was in the air, Bills returner Mike Gillislee came up like he was going to field the kick, but then he let it go over his head.

The Bills forgot to field this kickoff. CBS/NFL

After that, things got even worse.

The ball, which was live and could be recovered by either team, rolled all the way to the end zone.

At that point, instead of picking it up, Gillislee just stared at it for some reason. Again, this is a live ball that can be recovered by the Jets.

Mike Gillislee decided to not field the ball. CBS/NFL

Since Gillislee apparently wanted nothing to do with the ball, New York's Doug Middleton jumped on it in the end zone for a Jets touchdown.

The Jets scored their easiest touchdown of the season on a kickoff. CBS/NFL

This was easily the most baffling play of the day.

Even the Bills' official Twitter account was perplexed by Gillslee's actions.

The Jets touchdown gave New York a 30-3 lead in a game that they would win 30-10.

If you need a good laugh, here's a look at the entire play.