Just when you thought the 0-9 Browns couldn't surprise you with any more ineptitude, they managed to do it.

During their Thursday night game against the Ravens, the Browns didn't even get past the first snap before messing up.

After receiving the opening kickoff, the Ravens took possession on their own 17-yard line. However, the Ravens didn't get to call a play as quickly as they would've liked because the Browns called a timeout BEFORE Baltimore was able to run its first play of the game.

That's right, before anything happened in the game, the Browns had to take a timeout.

So why did Cleveland have to burn a timeout before the first offensive play of the game?

Well, they went full-Browns: They opened up the game with 12 players on the field.

This happened before the first play of the game. NFL Network

Browns fans will be hoping that the night gets better.

The Browns also burned a second timeout at the 10:25 mark of the first quarter. At this pace, they're going to be out of timeouts before the first quarter is over.

What the Browns did in the first quarter was actually pretty rare. With their first timeout, they became the first team since 2011 to call a timeout in the first 10 seconds of the game, and with their second timeout, they became the first team since 2013 to call two timeouts in the first five minutes of a game.

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