For the third time in franchise history, the Raiders are on the move. If you’re keeping score at home, the Raiders also moved after the 1981 season (from Oakland to Los Angeles) and after the 1994 season (from Los Angeles to Oakland). 

The big difference this time around though is that -- unlike 1981 and 1994 -- Twitter now exists, making it much, much easier for jilted fans to complain about the Raiders, and that’s exactly what happened on Monday. 

As soon as the Raiders officially announced the move, the floodgates opened, and everyone in Oakland started to let them have it. 

Let’s start with this  guy. 

Ouch. That was short and to the point. 

If the Raiders get tired of Vegas (like they did with Los Angeles in 1994), fans in Oakland don’t even want them back this time around. 

There’s also this. 

It definitely doesn’t sound like he’ll be cheering for the Raiders anymore. 

The Raiders’ move to Vegas passed with a 31-1 vote. So who was the owner who went against it? This guy has the answer. 

Raiders players were slightly more diplomatic about the move. 

Derek Carr, who grew up in California, shared a poignant message after the move was announced. The Raiders quarterback said he “feels the pain” of fans in Oakland, but Carr added that the team will be bringing a “piece of Oakland” to Vegas. 

Carr uses Verizon. That’s nice to know. Jilted Raiders fans are probably all going to cancel their service now. 

Anyway, on the Vegas end of things, let’s just say the city seems pretty excited about the announcement. Like, seriously, the actual city tweeted about it. 

As most of you probably know, you can’t have a celebration in Vegas unless it’s at a bar, and the people below clearly know this. 

Bonus points to the guy on the far right who brought his baby with him to the celebration. Guessing she’ll be a Raiders fan for life. 

You know what, let’s get a better look at that baby, who is somehow sleeping through this entire ordeal. 

That’s impressive, especially for a baby. 

The wildest part about the Raiders’ being in Vegas means Raiders fans in Vegas, which means... 

Yeah, that could get interesting. 

Speaking of getting drunk, this isn’t a horrible idea for a new logo. 

Of course, as we all know, you can’t do a tweet round-up and not include someone making fun of the Browns, so let’s end on that.