Rob Gronkowski's horse didn't win the Belmont Stakes on Saturday, but Gronk still went home a winner after a wild day where he watched Gronk the horse pull off a stunning comeback to finish in second place behind Triple Crown winner Justify. 

The day at Belmont Park had everything Gronk could ever want out of a horse race: He won money, his horse shocked everyone and he got to make all the 69 jokes he could think of. 

All of those things were only possible because Gronkowski the horse pulled off an amazing comeback over the final mile in the 1.5-. mile race at Belmont Park. As the 10 horses in the race crossed the one-quarter mile mark, it looked like Gronk the horse was going to finish in dead last. 

In the screengrab below, you can see just how far back Gronk the horse was as the horses went through the first quarter mile. Gronk is at the far right in the image below, waaaaaaay in last place. This was basically the horse racing equivalent of being down 28-3 in the Super Bowl.  

Gronk the horse struggled during the early parts of the Belmont Stakes. NBC

Apparently, Gronk the horse has the same kind of energy as Gronk the human, because, over the final mile, Gronk the horse stormed pass everyone -- except for Justify -- to finish in second place, which sent Gronk the human into a frenzy. 

After the race, most people were cheering at the fact that Justify had just won the Triple Crown. Not Gronk, though. He was cheering at the fact that Gronk the horse had just stunned the field. Going into the race, Gronk the horse was a 22-1 long shot to win and wasn't expected to finish anywhere near the top two spots. 

In news that probably shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, Gronk did place a bet on his horse, and yup, you guessed it, he bet $69. 

Gronk and anyone holding a $69 ticket on Gronk the horse to place ended up winning roughly $950. 

Gronk betting $69 on his horse in a race that was being run on 6/9 was probably one of just two predictable things in a race that had several surprises. The other predictable thing is that it appears the Gronkowski brothers will now be telling 69 jokes for the rest of time. 

By the way, due to Gronk's fondness for 69 jokes, it's probably for the best that Gronk the horse didn't win. 

Of course, maybe the Gronk the horse could've won if he had just taken his training a little more seriously. 

The good news in all of this for the Patriots is that maybe Gronk will stop asking for a raise now that he has some extra money in his pocket following his winning bet. 

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