From Spygate to Deflategate, the Patriots have a reputation around the NFL as a team that's willing to do anything to win, even if that means pumping in fog to stop the Falcons

Of course, the Patriots didn't actually do that on Sunday because Bill Belichick doesn't control weather -- at least I don't think he does -- but plenty of fans on Twitter decided to blame Belichick anyway for a fog that was almost as bad as the famous Fog Bowl in 1988. 

After the fog rolled into Gillette Stadium, Twitter went wild with conspiracy theories that Belichick somehow summoned the fog to stop the Falcons' during the Patriots' 23-7 win. 

Of course, not all the fog jokes revolved around Belichick, some people used the fog as an opportunity to make fun of the Falcons, because, after all, they did blow a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl, which makes them a pretty easy target. 

That's a fitting tweet because James White actually scored a touchdown on Sunday, marking the first time he's scored since his game-winning touchdown against the Falcons in overtime of Super Bowl LI. 

The Patriots fog plan clearly worked because the Falcons weren't able to throw deep, according to Julio Jones

"It didn't affect me, but it's crazy though, like, they score and they shoot fireworks off and then it sits high, kind of in the stadium," Jones said, via CBS Boston. "So it's kind of hard, like, if you do get behind, like how can you throw deep balls and things like that, because it's foggy? I mean, it didn't affect us at all though. They were just the better team tonight."

It wasn't just the Falcons who struggled with the fog though. Belichick did admit that his team also had trouble with the fog at certain points throughout the game. 

"It was challenging at times," Belichick said after the game. "That being said, I didn't think it really affected the game too much. Not the most normal situation."

The Patriots coach then went on to describe a fog game that was actually worse than the one on Sunday. 

"My first year in the league with Baltimore in '75 when we beat Miami and then that didn't clinch the playoffs but it put us pretty close in Baltimore," Belichick said. "The final kick came down to, you know, Toni Linhart. It was about a 40-yard field goal and you could see the line of scrimmage, you could see the two teams line up for the field goal but once the ball left his foot you had no idea whether it was good or not good, so we had to wait for the official signal."