The 'Madden NFL 20' glitches continue, this time with footballs sticking to players' helmets. 

The EA Sports game's release date is set for August 2, but some gamers have early access to the newest Madden and are not shy about pointing out its flaws.

Despite Minnesota Vikings tight end Irv Smith Jr. not catching the pass from quarterback Kirk Cousins, the football manages to balance on his helmet and the play results in a touchdown. 

The glitch does not always help on the offensive side of the ball, though, as some videos of helmet catches show plays ending in turnovers. 

The glitch looks very familiar to football fans, particularly New England Patriots and New York Giants fans. People were quick to point out that the error is reminiscent of the iconic David Tyree catch in Super Bowl XLII that, like the glitch, defied gravity. 

Gamers are hoping the bugs will be fixed before the game is released to the public. While watching a football float on a helmet is entertaining to some, most people just want the problem resolved. 

This is not the only issue gamers have found with the newest installment of Madden. Some have noticed that the ball moves without the kicker touching it on onside kicks and that there are some quarterbacks that cannot be sacked.