Baltimore Ravens v Buffalo Bills

It would appear that one league's finable offense is another organization's branding opportunity. Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher and Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters were both fined this past season for drinking beer from fans in the stands in celebration of some great play, and now as a result, they have both signed Bud Light endorsement deals.

For Fisher, it was after a touchdown was scored in that famous 24-point comeback against the Houston Texans during the divisional round of the playoffs.

Marcus Peters' chugging happened after a huge fourth down stop against the Buffalo Bills during the regular season, which essentially sealed a win for the Ravens.

Fisher and Peters were each fined $14,037 for their beer-chugging, as the act apparently constitutes "unsportsmanlike conduct."

Both players are eligible for these sponsorships as a result of new relaxed policies on alcohol the NFL implemented in 2019. As a result, beer brands that end up partnering with teams will be able to use the images of players to market their products. The likeness of players can also be used in the marketing efforts of companies that make distilled spirits and wine. That, of course, begs the question of which NFL star will be the first to get a big name wine sponsorship?