Last year's Chicago Bears offense was not very good. The Bears finished the 2017 season ranked 30th in yards, 29th in points, and 28th in Football Outsiders' offensive DVOA. The team was not efficient at moving the ball or putting points on the board under the direction of Mike Glennon early in the season, and though he may have performed better than his numbers, the Bears did not show great improvement under the direction of Mitchell Trubisky, either. 

In the offseason, the Bears hired former Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy as their new coach, presumably with the idea that he'll help Trubisky and the offense take a step forward. Nagy's (and Andy Reid's) offense was one of the most creative in the league last season, and if he's to be believed, we should expect to see a similar style of play in Chicago. 

"It will be different in some regards, which is only fair to our coaches on offense and the ideas they have," Nagy said, per The Athletic. "But the identity is going to be the same. It will feel very similar to Kansas City's. We're in the lab now. That's the fun part. All the coaches are giving their ideas and thoughts. Coach [Andy Reid] always said he had 51 percent of the say. So ultimately, he had final say. Now I have that. There are plays I liked that Coach [Reid] didn't like, so now those plays are in."

One of Nagy's former Arena Football League teammates, CBS Sports analyst Danny Kanell, thinks the fit between Nagy and Trubisky will be excellent. 

"I think he is the perfect coach for Mitch Trubisky," Kanell said on CBS Sports HQ. "Much like (Sean) McVay brought a lot of success for Jared Goff because he was a quarterback guy -- he had a history of success; so does Matt Nagy. You know, Andy Reid disciple. Played the position. I think he is going to make this as easy as possible on Mitch Trubisky."

The Bears are clearly positioning themselves to take a similar forward leap to that of the Rams last season. They've got Trubisky headed into Year 2, a young, quarterback-friendly head coach, a good young running back in Jordan Howard, a top-level receiver in Allen Robinson, a speed threat in Taylor Gabriel, and a flexible piece in Tarik Cohen. It's up to Nagy and Trubisky to put it all together on the field.