It's pretty clearly the NFL offseason when a top draft prospect can make a video joking about a team trading up for him and have everyone freak out about it. In this particular case, Myles Garrett recorded a video several months ago joking that Jerry Jones should have the Cowboys trade up to No. 1 so he could stay in Texas, had it released on Friday and saw everyone freak out.

The real kicker for Browns fans was Garrett's note at the end of the video.

"It doesn't matter, but I'd like to not go anywhere cold," Garrett said.

Breaking news: it's cold in Cleveland. Which means the Browns already made a mistake in the draft ... by being in Cleveland.

Relax, Browns fans. I'm kidding. And so was Garrett -- a description of the video from ESPN indicated that he was only joking about the Cowboys making the trade, which wasn't a very realistic option to begin with.

In fact, Garrett is totally willing to play for Cleveland if the Browns make him the top pick in the draft.

In an interview with Fox 26 in Cleveland, he actually said he'd be perfectly fine with playing in cold weather.

"People might say, 'They're this, they're that' or I made a comment on cold weather and they kind of pointed towards Cleveland with that, it doesn't matter to me, I'll play wherever they put me," Garrett said. "If you go in there with a mindset that you're gonna turn things around and make that contagious and people start to believe in it, you can turn into a winning program wherever you go."

Garrett better get used to the idea of possibly playing for Cleveland, because there's a good chance that he ends up playing there. The Browns reportedly are "enamored" with Garrett and have an "astronomical grade" on the pass rusher.

The Texas A&M pass rusher is the consensus No. 1 overall player in the draft and both of our current mock drafts have the Browns eschewing the quarterback position and taking him with the top overall pick.

Garrett doesn't plan on attending the 2017 NFL Draft (full details on how to watch the draft here), even though he is all but certain to hear his name called within the first 30 minutes of the event starting.