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There's something in the NFL that's becoming a tradition and occurs twice per year, every year, and it involves Odell Beckham, Jr. and his future. At this point, you can set your watch to the expectation you'll hear trade rumors with Beckham as the headliner, once to open an offseason and again as the league approaches the trade deadline in late October. To this point, however, the All-Pro receiver has been traded only once in his career, from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns, and the latter appears to, again, have zero interest in shipping him out of town.

Asked about the possibility of moving on from Beckham in exchange for assets, general manager Andrew Berry picked up his bucket of ice water and hurled it directly at the speculation -- also noting the three-time Pro Bowler is "right on track" in his recovery from season-ending torn ACL suffered in Week 7. Berry only got to see Beckham in seven games on his watch in Cleveland, considering the former took over as GM in 2020, but that's more than enough for him to know what he has there.

"I think he's a dynamic player who can be incredibly productive in this system," Berry told media on Wednesday. "So, we're looking forward to getting him back."

Prior to the aforementioned blockbuster trade, Beckham signed a five-year, $95 million deal that included $41 million in guaranteed money, and that's what the Browns absorbed to add him to their roster. Despite some production hiccups he had in 2019, as former first-overall pick Baker Mayfield began coming into his own at quarterback, Beckham still racked up 1,035 receiving yards, and his injury battles have cost him 10 games thus far in his Cleveland career, but nine of those absences were last season -- versus him having missed multiple games in both of his seasons with the Browns. 

Those who believe the team would seek to trade Beckham not only point at the looming $15.75 million cap hit this year, but also the success of Mayfield and the offense when not forcing the ball to the mercurial wideout, and that's certainly fair, considering the fact the team didn't miss a beat after losing him in Week 7. That said, while their offensive output was definitely respectable at an average of 25.5 points per game, it left them ranked 14th in the league and they produced no 1,000-yard receivers in 2020. It's a team largely predicated upon the success of the run game, namely Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, but it could be argued a dynamic complement to what Jarvis Landry brings to the table is necessary to help the offense take the next step.

The question then becomes one of how to fit Beckham into the mix without forcing the issue, but Berry doesn't feel that's a dilemma at all going forward. He already likes what he sees, and can't wait to plop the fiery Beckham back atop his WR depth chart.