For all the greatness Patrick Mahomes has already achieved in his young career, the reigning Super Bowl MVP is actually at his best in September -- a scary thought for the rest of the NFL considering the league did not play a preseason this year. Mahomes didn't need any tune-up games to establish his dominance in 2020, leading the Kansas City Chiefs to a 3-0 record as he completed 67.8% of his passes (82 of 121) for 898 yards, nine touchdowns and zero interceptions for a 114.3 passer rating in the month of September. 

This isn't the first time Mahomes has dominated in September, as he has completed 67.6% of his passes for 3,304 yards, 32 touchdowns and with zero interceptions for an astonishing 124.4 passer rating. To no surprise, Mahomes has never lost a start in September -- compiling a 10-0 record.

So what's the secret behind Mahomes getting off to a hot start every year? It's an Andy Reid staple and it's a credit to one of the NFL's best coaches.

"I think it just goes with the training camp that we run," Mahomes said after Monday's win over the Baltimore Ravens. "We run a tough training camp. It prepares us to get off to a hot start. I think what we can learn from last year is we had the same start coming out of the Ravens' game, then we dropped a couple games. We have a great opponent coming up in the New England Patriots, so we are going to keep moving on. Keep going and know that we have a great challenge in the week ahead."  

Not a surprise Reid's hard-hitting, physical training camps have prepared Mahomes for the season, similar to Donovan McNabb getting off to strong starts with the Philadelphia Eagles during his prime years. McNabb recorded 11 total touchdowns in September of 2002, 10 total touchdowns with a 122 passer rating in September of 2004, and a 105.3 passer rating in September of 2006. Not exactly the numbers of Mahomes, but it's simple to see why the Chiefs quarterback is one step ahead of everyone.

Reid, on the other hand, deferred credit to offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy for the Chiefs offense being such a powerhouse in September. The Chiefs have averaged 34.4 points per game in Bieniemy's three seasons as offensive coordinator, going over 30 points in eight of 10 games. 

"He is my right-hand man. He is fully in charge and has a great feel for everything we do," Reid said of Bieniemy. "Listen, he was one of my players, and I am proud as can be of him. Now that I have the chance to coach with him, you know I was dreading having to possibly lose him last year, but he is back. From my standpoint, kind of selfishly, but I know he's not going to be here very long, but I am going to enjoy every minute I have a chance to spend with him."