Philip Rivers won't stop until he has a family the size of a football team. The Los Angeles Chargers quarterback has six daughters and two sons, but on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Monday, Rivers said that he has no intention of stopping at eight kids.

"No. Heck no," Rivers said (note that this man still isn't cursing after eight children). "I hope not."

The 36-year-old quarterback added that his wife, Tiffany, is OK with that.

"Oh yeah, she's all-in," he said.

Rivers' kids are named Gunner, Grace, Peter, Sarah Catherine, Rebecca, Halle and Caroline. He might just be trying to exhaust the naming dictionary at this point.

Rivers' oldest is 16 and his youngest is 2, so he's juggling having teenagers and toddlers with being an NFL quarterback. That's an insanely stressful lifestyle, but he seems to manage. Even with a hellish commute to Los Angeles from San Diego, where Rivers decided to stay so he wouldn't have to pull all of his kids out of school and move. 

The Chargers are 1-1 this season and coming off of a win against the Bills. In his 15th season, Rivers looks as good as ever. He's thrown for 680 yards, six touchdowns and just one interception in two games this season with a a 73.1 percent completion percentage. At the rate he's going, Rivers might end up playing with some of his kids.

The Chargers have high expectations this year with a strong-looking defense, Melvin Gordon and, of course, Rivers at the helm of the offense. The AFC West looks tough this year, particularly the Chiefs with the incredibly fun Patrick Mahomes, but the Chargers are still a threat to win the division for the first time since 2009.