Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is one of the game's best players. He's capable of coming down with interceptions that makes him seem like a wide receiver, he's a great tackler in the run game, and he's one of the Seahawks' most important leaders. With all that being said, Sherman experienced the lowest of lows in the early going of the Seahawks' game against the Titans on Sunday.

With the Titans driving in the first quarter, the Seahawks' defense appeared to intercept Marcus Mariota when Kam Chancellor snagged an errant pass, but multiple flags were thrown on the play. All of the penalties went against Sherman. 

One of the flags was for pass interference, which negated the interception. Another was for holding, which happened during the interception return -- that penalty was declined due to the pass interference penalty. And then after the play, Sherman was so upset, he picked up a third flag for unsportsmanlike conduct, which added 15 yards to the play.

Below, you can see Sherman screaming at the official, who penalized him by tossing his hat because he had already thrown his flag.

The Titans wound up cashing in, kicking a field goal to take a 3-0 lead. 

That wasn't the last time Sherman got flagged in the first half. Midway through the second quarter, Sherman landed a brutal hit on Mariota. The only problem? Mariota was out of bounds. 

That led to a bit of a tussle, as the Titans sideline responded by getting into Sherman's face.

Offensive lineman Taylor Lewan led the way:

Due to offsetting penalties on both teams during the skirmish, Sherman's late hit didn't hurt the Seahawks. But the Titans wound up kicking another field goal to stretch their lead to six points.

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