Tom Brady may hope that Rob Gronkowski hasn't scored his last NFL touchdown but the recently retired Patriots tight end sure doesn't sound like he's returning to football.

The 29-year-old retired more than a week ago after nine seasons, 80 touchdowns and three Super Bowl rings. But any concerns that Gronkowski will miss the game -- even as fall gives way to winter -- are unfounded.

At least according to Gronkowski, who spoke with NBC Sports Boston's Tom Curran on Sunday.

Curran spotted Gronk standing in the rain outside a gym in South Boston. Predictably, the conversation turned to whether there was any chance the future Hall of Famer would consider coming out of retirement.

"I'm into new opportunities," Gronk told Curran, pointing to Jim, his friend from the gym. "I was at CVS today with Jim. Bagged all his stuff. I might do that, be a bagger. I might open a dog-walking business, be a dog-walker, I don't know."

Curran mentioned that his friend just opened a dog-walking business and that could be another employment option.

"No doubt!" Gronk answered. "Get a long stick with a scooper on the end and a handle. I just hit the trigger and it scoops it up. Then I reach back and drop it in a big bag on my back. Put all the poop in there and empty it every once in a while! So many ideas!"

Bill Belichick spoke in glowing terms his remarks after Gronkowski announced his retirement, but perhaps this best explains the man who seems to have played his last NFL game: "His production spoke for itself, but his daily attitude, unmistakably positive energy wherever he went and toward whoever he touched will never be forgotten."

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